Three Reasons Bitter Taste Is Better For Balancing Acid /Base Balance

"Bitter is better", that is what Dr. Vasant Lad says.  Dr.Lad is known by people in American Ayurveda community as the founder of American Ayurveda.

The bitter taste is composed of the air and space element. Bitter taste as a cooling effect on the stomach. Bitter taste reduces inflammation. If you eat to much bitter taste it will aggravate the nervous system. (Vata)Bitter taste will decrease pitta and kapha.

Bitter taste increases the taste of the other six taste. 

Do you want to learn more on what Ayurveda teaches about bitter taste and how you can use it to detoxify the liver, colon. and blood?

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The bitter taste has medicinal action.

  • Detoxifies
  •  liver
  •  colon
  • plasma
  • red blood cells
  • lowers temperature
  • inhibits sex(used by religious/spiritual celibates)
  • destroys sperm and ovum

Bitter taste makes a healthy liver.

How does bitter taste help detoxify the colon, detoxify the liver and blood?

The answer is Simply, bitter is a super strong alkaloid(base). Base (alkaloid) is the opposite of acid.  So foods that are acidic can be neutralized by foods that are strong alkaloids(base) for example bitter melon. Bitter melon is a strong alkaloid. Bitter melon is famous in the Subcontinent of Asia.

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