Three Of Ayurveda’s Sweet Taste Benefits.

All six taste are to be taken at every meal according to Ayurveda. This series on Ayurveda that I am presenting to you is about the taste and its unique effects on how it benefits the body. Three of Ayurveda’s sweet taste benefits are the subject of this article.

Sweet is the taste of comfort foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, wheat and corn. These foods are sweet tasting because of high starch content in each one. 

The slide above is from Dr.McDougall's You Tube Video on his book The Starch Solution.

Sweet taste is composed of earth and water herbs and spices.
Sweet cools the body heat down. 

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  • Sweet pacifies the nerves (Vata) and digestive system(Pitta) and increases heavy and fat (Kapha). Like honey, sugar and molasses.

  • Sweet is an anabolic that means to promote cell and tissue growth. Sweet is wholesome to the body. 
  • Ayurveda teaches that sweet promotes love and compassion.

Sweet also plays a role in water electrolyte balance in the body. Sweet also may create thirst.

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