Three Health Apps From Ayurveda To You For Your Holy Days

   Ayurveda's Holy Holiday Practices  

Oil the stress out of your muscles daily

 Do Ayurvedic Oil Massage 

Calm Your Mind:

Take Ayurvedic Herbs with warm almond milk for deep mental relaxation and alertness. 

Try one teaspoon of Shank Pushpi in one half cup to one cup of warm milk. (Could be Almond Milk!)

Re-awaken Your Inspiration as you refresh Your Chakras:

Invoke your favorite affirmation in each chakra as you focus and energize the chakra with emotion and your desired manifestation.


Lentil Pasta, Beans, and Greens 

twice a week for three weeks.

Three Apps Ayurveda
Recommends for the Holidays

This app is called MEND. I found it to be helpful when people are going through relationship challenges, especially during Holy holidays.

As we end 2018 and start 2019, I think of all the love I have received. Love is the sustaining infinite source that heals all ails. I invoke this Holiday affirmation : "Unexpected doors fly open, unexpected channels are free, endless avalanches of love pour down on thee."

See you next year,

Lots of Love

 Dr. Helen

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