Three Facts About Salty Taste

Salty is one of those taste that is entwined in our emotional body from childhood right through to our elderly status. I once had a student leave my cooking class because I taught that extra salt is not advised while cooking.  I was reminded and shocked at how important a role taste played in a person's emotional history. 

It is essential to understand the facts about our body's and salt. Truly life and death is involved. Our blood is like the ocean water, salty. There is a delicate balance in our blood between salt and water. Our blood knows just how to balance it unless we flood the bloodstream with salt.  

Three Salty Facts

  • Salty taste is
  • composes of fire elements  and water elements. 
  • salty taste decreases vata(nervous tension)
  • salty taste increase pitta(increase acid secretions)
  • salty taste increases kapha (water retention and weight)
  • Take a good look at image below to have the most current research read to you and explained all about Salt. 

Find Out What Happens When Salt Floods the Blood 

  • When salt floods the bloodstream extra salt (higher than .9%)
  • throws the balance off.
  • The brain kicks in and secretes ADH(anti-diuretic hormones) this is no good
  • because it makes our body retain water
  •  increases weight
  •  overloads the kidney
  •  puts a heavy load on the heart pumping
  • not to mention the effects of salt
  • on hardening the arteries
  • causing cracks in the arteries
  •  leading to atherosclerosis.
  • Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the US.
  • check out image below for research on salt
  • Salt initiates digestive activity.
  • Increases appetites
  • Increases thirst
  • Maintains electrolyte balance
  • Decreases muscle spasm

Salt Heart =thickening in heart on the right.

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