Three Ayurveda Facts Pungent Taste Info : Find Out What Pungent Does To body.

Pungent taste is a phrase that is not always understood in the Ayurvedic classes I teach in Santa Rosa,California at Santa Rosa Junior College.  I have noticed over the years there is always the familiar question “can you give us some example of the pungent taste?”

You can click this link for my special report which gives you an example of all six taste. 

Ayurvedic Pungent Taste Facts

  • The Pungent Taste consists of the elements fire and air.
  • The action of the Pungent Taste is heating
  • Pungent increases and decreases Vata (can under-stimulate or stimulate nerves depending on dosage)
  • Increases Pitta ( increase Stomach acids aka HCL)
  • Decrease Kapha (reduces fat)

What does Pungent Taste Do To The Body? Look at image below for the Answer. Click above link  for examples of foods that are pungent in taste.

This is why pungent is very helpful in fat metabolism and fat reduction in the body, along with exercise and kapha pacifying foods (foods that Ayurveda has identified as low in fat and increase digestive churning in the intestines). If you take Ayurveda Made Easy you will learn all about the foods and when to eat them why.  This class is for basic and advanced students.

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