Four Responses To Stress According To Ayurvedic Body Type Nervous Fight or Flight Digestive Disturbances Congested Channels Low Immune Response

​Which symptoms Is

Your Ayurveda Body Type Prone to?

Nervous Fight or Flight

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness

The Vata Pre-Dominant Body type is prone to these types of symptoms:

Digestive Disturbances

  2. Acid reflux
  • IBS : nervous stomach, (caused by fight or Flight)
  • Small intestines imbalances aka malabsorption
  • Large intestines (colon disease)
  • Congested slow digestion leading to Toxemia.

Congested Channels

Pre-Dominant Kapha Symptoms

  • Atherosclerosis due to plaque of the arteries 
  • High Blood Pressure from hardening of the arteries due to salt consumption 
  • and other hardening foods and drink in a lifetime  of consumption.
  • Each Body Type 
  • Rapid Heart Beats known as palpitations
  • Each body system can clogs with
  • acid  
  • undigested food like sugary donuts
  • or nervous energy causing congested channels.
  • Each body types has its way of breaking down digestion has its own digestive  strength and digestive weakness  on several factors.   
  • Tissue Resistence to wear and tear and 
  • Tissue degeneration and regeneration ability.
  • Is the Number One Factor in
  • Hearty Health,
  • Strong Long Life, ​
  • Energy That Abounds into your 90,100's.

Low Immune Response 

All Body Types 

  • Cant fight off colds and viruses? Is a KAPHA imbalance.
  • Article Below describes the immune response physiology. 
  • Go check out Wikipedia if you want more information
  • on lowered immune response. 


  • How Do I Fix All My Broken Systems? 

  • Where Do I Start? 
  • What Can I eat? 
  • What Help Your Specific Body Type Needs?
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  • Ayurveda Answers 
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