Sour Taste Dietary Benefits According to Ayurveda

Ancient wisdom says lemon water is not good for everyone especially every morning. Learn more about that here.

  • Sour taste consist of earth and fire.
  • Sour taste has a heating effect on the body.
  • Sour taste decreases vata (causes under stimulation  of nervous system)
  • Increases Pitta (stimulates secretion of gastric acid HCL)
  • Increases Kapha (increase fat)

Learn more about the Ayurveda six taste. The sour taste is explained in this blog. Learn examples of foods that are primarily sour taste.

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Indian gooseberries strongest taste is sour and it also has sweet, bitter and pungent and astringent. In the image above from Dr. Micheal Greger presents medical research that proves the ability of Indian Gooseberries to kill cancer cells. Take a look at this research. 

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