Acid Reflux & Obesity Related According to Ayurveda

Whats does it mean if you are Pitta predominant body type and you have the extra bulge on the stomach? Or those love handles you just can’t get to budge?

Well, let me tell you about Pitta predominant body type digestive physiology. The first hallmark of Pitta is strong acidic response. This means Pitta folks get hot fast. They digest food with a vengeance. This means for example they eat a 12 ounce steak and the next day its completely digested. Are you getting the picture? If Pitta digestive types get out of balance they get acid reflux, heartburn or GERD. They are also prone to getting rashes.

Now how does a person with such strong digestive fire even gain weight? Logically thinking it would have to be pretty hard. To answer tis question we must go back to the fundamentals of the Ayurveda body type system. Rule number one 80 % of all body type are two doshas but even so there is a predominant of the the two doshas.

So, if you have a ruddy complexion, get hot easy, have a strong appetite and must eat lunch or you might have a meltdown then you are a predominantly Pitta. The other dosha is a Kapha. That would mean your constitution is a strong , and you have a bulky body. In this case there is a tendency toward bulkiness in the fIrst place. Let’s say  person may eat a lot on vacation and drink beer everyday and comes back 10 pounds heavier. .

Here is an example of how a Pitta Kapha Ayurveda body type loses weight.

Now what to do to drop those pounds naturally in a healthy way:


  • Taste: Choose bitter, pungent, and astringent tastes, such as those found in the spring chuma; bitter foods are especially beneficial, such as bitter melon, dark green leafy. Eat 80% alkaline food.
  • 3 cups of vegetables a day, no meat for three weeks, blueberries, and apples daily, vegetables, brocolli, causlifower, bitter lettuces such as arugula, and tart apples.
  • Smell: Essential oils with sweet, cool aromas help stabilize vata, so choose honeysuckle, mint, and jasmine scents for your aromatherapy.
  • Sight: The color indigo blue is recommended, wear blue clothes.
  • Hearing: Listen to the midmorning raga between the hours of ten A.M. and one P.M.
  • Touch: go on an early morning walk for 40 minutes. 

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