Herbs Directly Effect Bio-systems, Tissues and Channels

Ayurveda teaches that the 

  • nervous system,(bio-system)
  • digestive system (bio-system
    lymph system(bio-system)
  • uses the
  • nutrients to create the seven tissues through digestion.

Just for review, Ayurveda organizes its' science/physiology system into:

  •  Five elements which are fire, water, ether, air and earth combine to make:
  •  three bio-systems (doshas)  
  •  seven tissues (dhatu)  
  •  thirteen channels (srotas).

Below is a chart that is an example of what part of the plant is used to treat and nourish what tissue in the body.

The words you see with red arrow are Sanskrit words for the tissue. The red words are the english translation.

The food channels must be kept clean so that undigested food does not turn to toxemia and eventually pollute the blood. 

The action of the herbs is on the bio-systems, tissues and channels.

Five Examples Of How The Herbs Work on Bio-systems, Tissues, and Channels

Ayurveda organizes herbs into  categories of action. Another way you will hear it put is:

"the action of a substance on the body."

These five actions work on the bio-systems, tissue and flow through the channels.

 Five Actions
Foods/Ayurveda Herbs that Stimulate Gastric  Juices 
2.Foods/Ayurveda Herbs That Aid In Process of Digesting
3.Foods/Ayurveda Herbs that remove and scrap food from Body.
4.Foods/Ayurveda Herbs That Maintain Flow of Water & Energy.
5. FoodsAyurveda Herbs that bind the stool. Stop diarrhea. 

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