First Three Steps To Understand How To Use Ayurveda Body Type System

The very first step in understanding how ayurveda can work for you is to know the Sanskrit word DOSHA. This can be translated many ways for our purpose in this piece we define as constantly fluctuating bio-systems. We are using the word DOSHA to describe the three different systems of the human body. the nervous system, digestive system and the immune system. each bio-system works in its own unique way and has qualities. In Ayurveda text books you will see the phrase DOSHA qualities. Take a look at these slides:

Step two is to learn the terms Vata Constitution,Pitta Constitution, Kapha Constitution. This phrase is referring to the characteristics of the three basic body types of the Ayurvedic body type system.

The third step is to identify the term PRAKRUTI. that term means a complete body type description. Every person is a combination. there are twelve possible combinations.

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