Do You Want A Personal Introduction To Ayurveda? Ask Dr. Helen

Like Western science and the health philosophies of many other cultures, Ayurveda is part of a larger attempt to understand and explain the world and how all the parts in it function. 

  • Why does the sun rise?
  • How do plants and animals grow? 
  • Why do some people live to a ripe old age while others die young? Why do some people get cancer and others heart disease?
  • Why does your uncle Joe devour green peppers when this food doesn’t at all agree with you?
  • Why are some people rich and others poor?
  • Why do some forms of music excite or agitate you and others instill a calm peacefulness?

Ayurveda, like all philosophies, is a worldview or model that tries to make order and sense out of life.

It may seem a bit confusing initially. The Sanskrit terms may sound unfamiliar, but they are necessary because Ayurveda represents a new way of looking at life. Modern Western thinking is basically linear: A causes B to happen, which in turn causes C and so on, in a step like straight line.

Ayurvedic thinking is circular in that every–thing affects everything else and concepts flow back and forth without end.

 The indepth study and practice of Ayurveda is a lifelong endeavor.

However, the basic principles of Ayurveda are easy to grasp because they are simple and you can observe them directly in your daily life.

As you learn about this system, more and more of the principles will fall into place.

With the clarity and deep–ening understanding that comes with everyday practice, you become a seer, a seeker of truth, a scientist, using yourself and the world as your laboratory in which to test the veracity of its principles.

  • Learn about Ayurveda, integrate the practices into your life and observe. 
  • Does Ayurveda help you get to know yourself better?
  • Does it help you make better sense of the world, your feelings, your health, your behavior?
  • Do you feel better mentally and physically?
  • This is the true test of whether any particular approach to health and healing works or not.

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