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Stop The Virus : Eat Vegetables According To Your Body Type! Ayurveda teaches: It Is Not The Seed(virus) Its The health Of Soil (body tissue).

Last year, I was very busy working with folks helping to detox, desensitize, and nourish the tissues to fight off virus, bacteria & colds. In the screen shot below is an example of articles written this year about colds, virus and bacteria season. It is July 10, 2019 as I write this article and I have treated three cases of flu this week. This inspired me to bring to light the need to prepare your body for virus, bacteria and cold season in general.

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Herbs Directly Effect Bio-systems, Tissues and Channels

Ayurveda teaches that the nervous system,(bio-system)digestive system (bio-systemlymph system(bio-system)uses thenutrients to create the seven tissues through digestion.Just for review, Ayurveda organizes its’ science/physiology system into: Five elements which are fire, water, ether, air and earth combine to make: three bio-systems (doshas)   seven tissues (dhatu)   thirteen channels (srotas). Below is a chart that is an example of what part of […]

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Three Tips On How To Use Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurveda Herbal Tip Number One:Ayurveda’s primary herbal principle is that every substance found in nature has a healing effect.Ayurvedic Herbal Medicine includes the therapeutic use of:HerbsFoodsMetalsGemsColorsAyurveda Herbal Tip Number Two There is an active ingredient in each substance which triggers the healing action of:HerbsFoodMetalGemsColorsorganic vegetables and greensAyurveda Herbal Tip Three What you eat and/or what comes into your […]

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Ayurveda’s Number 1 Flu Prevention Meditate Daily

Why is meditation Ayurveda’s number one flu prevention? It’s a little complicated because it requires using unique Sanskrit words.  So, I am going to put as simple as I can.  Ayurveda teaches there are three primary energy states in the brain. One is chaos brainwaves like incoherent thinking.(Rajas is the term that refers to chaotic brainwaves.), like […]

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11 Chronic Diseases Ayurveda Successfully Treats

Ayurveda Teaches That Chronic Diseases Have Three Main Symptoms In Common. 1.Toxemia: undigested food in GI tract that results in food bacteria getting into blood stream. Polluting the body day after day. This causes gastric juices to be under-stimulated or over-stimulated. Chronic disease slowly persists. 2. Toxic saturation of tissue causing long term poisoning of […]

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