Ayurvedic Effects Of The Food Traits On Body, Mind, and Emotions

One of my  favorite website is www.nutritionfacts.org with Dr. Micheal Greger. I bring this up here because it is there on his website that I saw a video describing plant foods that have human neurotransmitters. Here is the image  below. You can see the most current research that proves that foods and taste directly, intensely and sometimes instantly effect emotional, mental and spiritual states. Ayurveda has taught this for centuries.

As you can see:

  • plantains
  • pineapples
  • bananas and
  • kiwis
  • are rich in SERTONIN .
  • Pistachios have MELATONIN and help with sleep research has proven.
  • Just to give a few examples. 

#Ayurveda Teaches The Six Taste Effect Emotions. Want to know more about human neurotransmitters that are found in plants? 

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  •  These juices have a direct biochemical effect on
  • perception 
  • sensation 
  • feelings 
  • emotions  
  • thoughts.

There is no argument in this today because of nutritional research and neuroscience. The image above is a chart of emotions and taste according to Ayurveda. Observe yourself and others and what they eat and how they feel and act and see for yourself. 

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