Ayurveda’s Number 1 Flu Prevention Meditate Daily

Why is meditation Ayurveda's number one flu prevention?

It's a little complicated because it requires using unique Sanskrit words.

 So, I am going to put as simple as I can.

Ayurveda teaches there are three primary energy states in the brain. One is chaos brainwaves like incoherent thinking.(Rajas is the term that refers to chaotic brainwaves.), like restlessness, fidgeting, which eventually leads to anxiety and even anxiety disorders. It is well known that anxiety stress is at the bottom of nerve disorders. 

The second kind of brainwaves is slow, fuzzy headed feeling that can lead to a heavy feeling leading to lazy behavior ultimately causing serious depression. In Sanskrit it's called tamasic. 

Meditation dissolves these to mental states and recent extensive research has proven undeniably that meditation boost the immune system. The third state is Sattvic which means the mind in the state deep mental relaxation induced by quieting the mind.

Want to know more about what Ayurveda says about meditation and preventing the flu?

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Meditation boost immune system.

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