Ayurveda’s Five Approaches To Protecting Yourself During Flu Season

I love teaching Ayurveda's Immunity concept because the name or phrase for it always gives me a smile when I say it. Here it is : Bhoom Beej said like it looks Boom Bee--add j. 

Bhoom beej translates soil (bhoom) and beej (seed). 

Bhoom beej translates to  soil (bhoom) and beej (seed).

 Now to elaborate on the concept of Ayurveda immunity. Ayurveda has taught for thousands of years it is not the potency of the bug/virus/bacteria/fungus/mold etecetera it is the state of health of the tissue.

To give another example "it is not the virulence of the seed, it is , the richness of the soil that protects the plant. 

So , the Ayurveda's Point is Your Health is the Protection Not Fear Against the Big Bad Bug. 

Fear breeds poor health. Take action on behalf of your body-mind-spirit. Be the hero for yourself you always wished to be for everyone you love.

Here Are The Five Approaches:

  • Meditate Daily
  • Do Yoga Daily
  • If you get the flu: 
  • Take Lomatium dissectum
  • Call 707-527-7313 to get today.
  • Get Laser to Increase Energy production in the cells to boost your body's vital energy.
  • Get in the Life Vessel
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