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Dr. Helen has been practicing Ayurveda and Chiropractic for 30 years, specializing in alternative medicine diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease. Her WellnessHealthApproach includes  Ayurveda-Chiropractic-NAET. Dr. Helen is a licensed Chiropractor and  is dedicated to a poly-therapy approach. Through more than 30 years of practice she has used advance nutritional research, Ayurvedic examination, pulse diagnosis and treatment and hands on healing. Dr.Helen was one of the Ayurvedic American pioneers along with other Chiropractors and Medical Doctors et.al She is proud to say that she was in the second Ayurveda class sponsored by MIU and one of her first teachers is Dr. John Douillard DC,  Deepak Chopra MD,  Vaidya Ragu BAMS. She has been mentored in her clinic for fifteen years by Vaidya Narendra Pendse BAMS MD from Pune ,India. She  was blessed to go to India and work in his clinic and take tours of Indian Medical facilities and Ayurvedic schools, hospitals and clinics. Dr.Helen Mary Thomas BA, D.C. 2635 Cleveland Ave. Suite 2 Santa Rosa, California. 707-527-7313 You can get her book Here.

11 Chronic Diseases Ayurveda Successfully Treats

Ayurveda Teaches That Chronic Diseases Have Three Main Symptoms In Common.1.Toxemia: undigested food in GI tract that results in food bacteria getting into blood stream. Polluting the body day after day. This causes gastric juices to be under-stimulated or over-stimulated. Chronic disease slowly persists. 2. Toxic saturation of tissue causing long term poisoning of the tissues. […]

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Three Main Ayurvedic Facts About Astringent Taste

The astringent taste is composed of air and earth elements.  Astringent also helps to cool the stomach because of alkaline/base food action.    Astringent TasteIncrease Vata (creates nervous energy)Decrease Kapha(decreases fat)Decreases Pitta(increases stomach acid) Examples of Astringent Food SubstancesPomegranatesTurmericClick Here and Get Ayurveda Six Taste Free Report which includes a list of food for Sweet,Sour, Salty, Pungent , Bitter […]

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Three Facts About Salty Taste

Salty is one of those taste that is entwined in our emotional body from childhood right through to our elderly status. I once had a student leave my cooking class because I taught that extra salt is not advised while cooking.  I was reminded and shocked at how important a role taste played in a […]

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