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My Ayurveda Story Discovering Ancient Wisdom

I was 26 years old and it was early 1980’s when I started practicing Chiropractic.  I had graduated from Bishop Manogue High School a girls catholic high school in Sacramento California. I got my pre-requisites for Chiropractic College being inspired by a personal healing experience.  After Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa ,we (Craig,Margaret & Matthew, […]

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Three Categories of Ayurvedic Herbs

The Science of Ayurvedic Herbs Is based on the use of medicinal plants as raw material for Phyto-Pharmacology. In early 19th century India had begun to published research on plants as medicine and is developing it daily. There are actually 27 categories of actions of Ayurvedic Herbs and we are looking at three of them […]

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Five Ways To Lose Weight With Ayurveda

Ayurveda Weight Loss Tip 1
The first step to losing weight with Ayurveda is to identify your food cravings.

Don’t feel guilty … we all have them!

Some people crave different things. For example, patients tell me they crave …

Rich chocolate.
Sour crunchy pickles. (even when they’re not pregnant)
Fresh yeasty bread.
The saltiness of potato chips.

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Do You Feel You Are Losing Strength? Ayurveda and Nutritional Research Agree on Solutions

 Ayurveda teaches that weakness and a sense of losing strength is all three systems nervous system, digestive, and immune system all are out of balance. This is called a tri-doshic disorder; that is, it involves all three doshas (three systems). First, nervous system (vata) becomes imbalanced, then the digestive gastric juices (Pitta fire) loses its strength, […]

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Bladder Wellness:Bladder Infection, UTI, Cystitis Ayurveda Gets Effective Natural Results

Which bladder symptoms do you have?
Vata-Body Type bladder infection (cystitis) is chronic, bothersome, and tends to come and go.

Pitta -Body Type bladder infection (cystitis) is characterized inflammation reddness, burning urination, and fever.

The Kapha Body Type  bladder infection (cystitis) is characterized by excess mucus production.

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