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Primary Cause Of Disease According to Ayurveda Is Toxemia

The primary cause of disease according to Ayurveda is toxemia, according to the medical dictionary the definition of  toxemia 1. the condition resulting from the spread of  (toxins) by the bloodstream These toxins accumulate because of low gastric juices (HCL, mucus, pepsin). Undigested food accumulates in the GI tract. This is unripe, uncooked, immature, or undigested food substances. Ayurveda calls it ama. This undigested food starts to […]

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Five Senses Are Doorway to Our Physiology

According to Ayurveda, the five senses are the doorways to our internal physiology. Your brain has ten billion nerve cells, and over one trillion different electrical circuits. Your five senses fill these circuits day and night with a ceaseless perseverance. But the brain is only one part of you. As Diane Ackerman writes in The […]

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Low Gastric Juices Can Ultimately Create Untimely Death One Can Lose the Capacity To Experience Life

Gastric juices are described as the living fire in Ayurveda, The metabolic process  explained by the ancient system of medicine involves all three systems nervous, digestive and immune system.. The hydrochloric acid(HCL), mucosal lining, and pepsin are stomach juices, Enzymes, heat, energy, force, becomes the  acidic system which  breaks down food and stimulates digestion. Gastric […]

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